Thank you for your interest in being a speaker for TNASH.  To fulfill the requirements for an CE from AASECT we are required to submit the following information to AASECT. Please fill out the form below. If you have questions, please email us at Our sessions are from 12-1 pm (Central Time) 50-55 mins long with 5-10 mins for Q+A.

TNASH Speaker Submission Form


What will participants walk away with at the end of your presentation? Please craft 1-2 objectives using the following verbs and keep in mind that it should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and be achieved by the end of the session. 

apply          analyze           arrange            assess           categorize         classify

compare    compile         compute          contrast       construct          create

critique      defend           demonstrate   describe       design                diagram

discuss       discriminate  distinguish       employ         evaluate            explain

formulate   name             identify            organize       illustrate            plan

integrate    predict           interpret          prepare        list                      rate

recall           recite             recognize         relate           report                restate

review         revise             select                solve            sort                    translate

use              utilize             write   

Do not use: appreciate, become aware of, become familiar with, know, learn, understand, discover.

Please upload a copy of your CV here in document form

Thank you for submitting your information! We will reach out to you within a week.