Past Events (2020)

The Role of Occupational Therapy in Healthy Sexuality


  • Distinguish similarities and differences between neurotypical and neurodiverse relational and sexual health education in order to to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to make and manage relationships of all kinds in the ways that they choose.

Diversity in Trauma: Sexual Abuse prevention bias and restorative justice


  • Define current concepts related to unconscious and implicit bias
    Identify how unconscious /bias impacts systems and access to service
    Analyze the concepts of Ally-ship and de-biasing strategies

How to Nurture Healthy Relationships While Healing from Abuse


  • Evaluate and accept their true selves.

  • Identify activities and replace behaviors to silence internal and external negative thoughts while healing from sexual abuse.

  • Construct personal strategies to overcome internal and external conflict during challenging times that may occur during the course of any relationship.

I’ll Have What They’re Having: The Science of Sexuality and Aging 


  • Describe three (3) major biopsychosocial challenges of older adults’ sexuality,

  • Discuss three (3) benefits of older adults’ sexuality.

  • Apply one (1) aspect of this training into your work.

Teaching Safer Sex


  •  By the end of this session, participants will be able to describe one activity to teach their clients and patients about safer sex.

Simple Techniques for Incorporating Sexual Health Into Your Practice


  • Have a better understanding of their comfort level with sex and sexuality

  • Learn common myths that may interfere with providing adequate sexual health counseling/therapy

  • Learn simple strategies for making your practice more sex-positive

Surviving the Sexless Marriage


  • Be able to define a sexless relationship and understand the prevalence;  

  • Discover what contributes to living in sexless relationships;

  • Learn 6 Power pack questions that will get your couples talking and identifying the core concerns and needs of their sex life

  • Discover methods to increase emotional and physical intimacy leading to a more fulfilled sex life.

Upping Your A-Game: Improving Sex Therapy Outcomes with Client Feedback


  • Identify at least one method for monitoring clinical effectiveness.

  • Describe the common factors across treatments that are most associated with clinical change.

LGBTQ Patients and Sexual Health by Del Ray Zimmerman, 


  • Define basic concepts around sexual orientation, gender identity, and LGBTQ identities

  • Discuss sexual health issues that affect LGBTQ people

  • Discuss best practices for talking to LGBTQ patients about their sexual health

  • Provide methods for creating an inclusive practice

Working with Clients from Sexually Repressed Cultures and Families Martha Lee, MA


In this session, Martha aims to support her fellow sexuality colleagues in better understanding clients who come from sexually repressed cultures, religions and families, so as to become more effective in their client work. As a born and bred Singaporean Chinese, Martha will share her personal and professional perspectives as well as strategies of how she has worked with her most sexually inhibited clients over the past 11 years.

Abortion in TN: How we got here and where we are going by Elisabeth Bradner MPH


By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

1. Define abortion access in TN, identify legal and social barriers, including those complicated by the current pandemic.

2. Recognize the role Plannd Parenthood plays in abortion access in TN.

Power and Privilege: Real Talk about Race and Sexuality by Reneé Burwell, LCSW, CST & Akua Forkuo-Sekyere, MPH


This lunch and learn experience invites participants to have an honest conversation about race and sexuality. This critical discussion will be grounded around the intersection of social justice, race, class, and sexuality politics. We will take a closer look at our power and privilege as professionals, and discuss simple strategies for being mindful about cultural humility and inclusion.