Past Events prior to 2017

  • Roundtable discussion on pelvic floor physical therapy and trauma, Various speakers

  • Adding sex toys to your professional toolbox, by: Renee Burwell, LCSW

  • Homeopathy & Sexual Health

  • Mind-Body Syndrome and Sexual Health By: Alicia Batson, MD

  • Sexual Intelligence: New View of Sexual Satisfaction and Function By: Marty Klein, PhD

  • Sex Therapy Treatment for Pelvic Pain By: Brock Searcy, LPC-MHSP, C

  • Christianity and Sexuality in the Bible Belt: The Problem of and Potential for Pleasure By: Liz Zagatta-Allison, MDiv, LMFT, PhD.

  • They are doing what?: What is Normative Sexual Development Through the Ages by: Emi Canahuati, MA, CSE Talk and Thrive Education, LLC

  • Case Presentation of complex pelvic pain patient-  a team treatment perspective by Lynne Odom, PT, MOMT & Dr. Amanda Yunker DO, MSCR, Gynecologist 

  • Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse: What does healing look like?  by: Angela Landry, LMFT, CST

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