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Organizational Membership

Benefits include:

  • Listing on our online provider directory

  • Spotlight one time per membership year in our monthly newsletter for

         professional/need-based/non-profit membership levels

Membership fees help to pay for speaker fees, scholarships and financial assistance for professionals/students looking to increase their knowledge of sexuality and sexual health.

$100 for organization budget of $100,000 or less

$400 for organization budget of $300,001-$500,000

$200 for organization budget of $100,001-$300,000

$600 for organization budget greater than $500,000

*Please note:

  • All member applications will be reviewed by TNASH leadership team.  TNASH reserves the right to revoke membership at anytime if a member is not in alignment with values and mission.

  • Membership dues are on a 12 month basis. Your membership will expire on the anniversary date of when you paid your dues the previous year.

  • Membership fees cannot be refunded, transferred, or prorated.  However, If your application is not accepted, your fee will be refunded.


TNASH is a 501 (c) (3) organization