Join the our growing community of professionals. Membership fees help to pay for speaker fees, scholarships and financial assistance for professionals/students looking to increase their knowledge of sexuality and sexual health. Membership has its benefits. 


Benefits include:

  • Listing on our online provider directory (professional/need-based/non-profit membership levels)

  • Spotlight one time per membership year in our monthly newsletter for

        professional/need-based/non-profit membership levels

Membership responsibilities:

  • Must acknowledge agreement in alignment with AASECT's values (link).

Membership Benefits for all Levels: 

Membership Levels

Professional  $100*

Student $50*

Need Based/Non-Profit $75*

Organizational Membership*

$100 for organization budget of $100,000 or less

$200 for organization budget of $100,001-$300,000

$400 for organization budget of $300,001-$500,000

$600 for organization budget greater than $500,000

*Please note:

  • All member applications will be reviewed by TNASH leadership team.  TNASH reserves the right to revoke membership at anytime if a member is not in alignment with values and mission.

  • Membership dues are on a 12 month basis. Your membership will expire on the anniversary date of when you paid your dues the previous year.

  • Membership fees cannot be refunded, transferred, or prorated. However, if your application is not accepted your fee will be refunded.

Privacy Policy

TNASH is strongly committed to protecting and maintaining your privacy. We will never sell, lend, lease, give away, or in any other way disseminate information you may submit to us to any third party, person, or organization.

TNASH may require your name, address, email address, or other personal and identifiable information from you in order to process requests, process membership applications and donations, sell merchandise, or provide other services. This information will be considered strictly confidential, and will not be disseminated to any third party, person, or organization.


TNASH is a 501 (c) (3) organization