Past Events (2018-19)

Our Whole Lives: Comprehensive Sex Ed for All by Jonah Eller-Isaacs


Join us to learn more about this remarkable sexuality education curriculum, and why Our Whole Lives might be a valuable addition to your professional toolbox.

Supporting Parents In Raising Sexually Healthy Adolescents by: Emi Canahuati


Emi will share the top 20 things you should know when working with parents around their children and sexuality and parents' most commonly asked questions and how you can answer them. 

A Biblical Case for Pleasure and Sex Positivity by Lyndsey Godwin


We will use Song of Songs (part of both Jewish and Christian scriptures) to explore the biblical possibilities for sexual liberation.

Enhancing Sexual Communication


This class will discuss a simple, quick, and fun method of communicating all the pertinent facts a potential sex partner needs to know. When you leave, you will be able to teach this to your clients.

Serve the Rainbow: Best practices for serving LGBTQ folks by: Del Rey Zimmerman


This training provides information that all communities need to understand what human trafficking is, the risk factors and lures used by traffickers, vulnerable populations, and how human trafficking impacts your community and our state. 

Introduction to Pediatric Transgender Care by: Dr. Cassie Brady


This workshop will provide an introduction to the transgender and DSD/Intersex clinics at Vanderbilt Univ. Children's Hospital where transgender care is available to children and adolescents <18 years of age.

Advocating for Reproductive and Sexual Rights in Tennessee by Briana Perry  


Curious about the BDSM/Fetish/Kink community in Tennessee? Want to know more about this largely underground population from a professional or personal basis? Feeling a need to become more familiar with the resiliency factors and subcultural challenges of kinksters you serve in your practice?

Caring for Trans Individuals Living with HIV by: Dr. Anna K. Person


At the end of this talk, participants will: *Be familiar with appropriate terminology. *Discuss issues related to HIV infection within the transgender community.*Be acquainted with basic health maintenance issues. *Understand the basics of hormone therapy and surgical options.

Reproductive Justice Crash Course by Orisha Bowers


Covered: Core Reproductive Justice Principles; Necessity for and contextualization of Reproductive Justice; Origins of Reproductive Justice; Reproductive Oppression; Intersectionality and Key RJ Strategies

Long-term, reversible birth control can change lives by: Jenny Matthews


Jenny Matthews will discuss the impact and consequences that unintended pregnancies have on mothers, children, families, and the whole community.

Update: Women's Sexual Health by: Brooke Faught,


Participants: Understand the type and prevalence of sexual disorders in women ; Feel confident initiating sensitive conversations about sexual health.

;Know when and how to prescribe appropriate treatment options or refer out to an appropriate provider for women with FSD .