Continuing Education for Professionals About Sexuality


How prepared and knowledgeable do you feel to help your clients and patients in regards to their sexuality? How comfortable do you feel discussing topics of sexuality? Is there more you would like to learn or other professionals you would like to connect with? Finding colleagues that are knowledgeable and resources that are reliable can be overwhelming. TNASH aims to help fill that gap.

Simple Techniques for Incorporating Sexual Health Into Your Practice

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Human sexuality affects every facet of our individual lives, interpersonal connections, our local and global communities. In our world, human sexuality is one of the areas that is least paid attention to, we get the least amount of education and helpful guidance for it. TNASH hopes for a world where folks feel empowered to access a greater number of professionals and resources who can help them heal and thrive when it comes to their sexuality. A world free of sexual shame that can lead to healthy individuals, relationships, and communities.


Tennessee Alliance For Sexual Health is in the business of elevating the level of education and awareness about the importance that sexual health plays in people's lives. We do that by inviting local and national speakers and connecting professionals and the community to sexual health resources. 

"We are not a sexually healthy nation. It’s time to take the “Shhh” (silence) out of sexual health."

--National Coalition for Sexual Health